Saturday, January 10, 2009

Kailey Love-Me?

Time: 5:31pm
Mood: Hungry
Music: Go Ahead - Rilo Kiley

So, Sarah's party was last night. Alot of fun, except one of her cousins, whom ive never met before kept following me around all night,
"Kailey Kailey quite contrary"
"What Lance?"
"How does your garden grow? Get it, its a dirty joke, your garden as in-"
*I walk away*
He then discovered my surname (Lovett), by going through my wallet and reading my lisence mind you, and started calling me 'Kailey Love-Me'. Jeff asked Sarah's permisson to knock him out, she said she'd do it for him, so she walked up to him and goes "Hey dick-weed, if you harass Kailey again my spiked boots will find their way up youre arse, got it?"

Well, he didnt take the warning,
"So, how pink are your lady parts Love-Me?"
I looked over at Sarah and she took off her spiked choaker, wrapped it around her knuckles and stared him down, threatening to punch him with it. Then she kicked him in the balls.

It gave me a bit of a giggle, I must say, he went home and Sarah goes "Oh man, im so in trouble with gran" To which her sister says "No youre not, ive got video footage of him asking Kailey that last question (waving her video camera around) lets show that to gran"

But after Lance left it was a fantastic night. We had those little dutch pancakes, I love those.

Ive spent most of today watching a mini-marathon of Family Guy with Jelena, she bought season 7 earlier on in the week. Funny stuff. Jeff comes home from work and goes "Ive been working out in the sun all morning and you two are sitting here on your arses eating chocolate crackles? Wait, hang on, WHEN did you make chocolate crackles?" "When you were at work" "Damn you"

So I have to go and cook dinner, im just making some home-made pizzas seeing as Jelena is staying over aswell (and hogging my shower, dammit) I think my dough has completely risen. Were going to see Seven Pounds at the Outdoor Cinema later, so we have to pack a dessert-picnic for it aswell (which was what the chocolate crackles were orignally for, but we ate those, oops) I think i'll make some shortbread to compensate, we still have the chocolate mousse in the fridge, untouched though. We showed incredible restraint with that one.

'Till next time, Kailey.

Time: 5:45pm
Mood: Still hungry
Music: My Beautiful Sinking Ship - Devics

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