Tuesday, January 13, 2009


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Sometimes when I open my e-mail at work I find an array of funny little e-mails from Jelena. Its what you do to amuse yourself in a small town, me being a librarian we definetly have alot of downtime when no-one comes in (especially on a 40 degree day) and her being a hairdresser, well theres one of those in every town, so she's not pulling in the buisness from everywhere else, its only from us here in the creek.

Today she sent me the sweetest little thing.

Thats the two of us, obviously im the one with the big K on my shirt, and she's the one with the big J. Only im pretty sure that I dont have pink hair and eyes -giggle-.

Friendship is soemthing that I take seriously, its the reason I left home and essentially, ran away, because I had friends who turned on me because I no longer fit their mould of what they thought was cool, and the way they did it was hurtful, they cut me off then shoved everything they did in my face. It was a little game for them and im not even sure if all of them knew they were playing it, there were just some little vengeful people in here who discided that I would be fun to pick on, and the rest went along for the ride because they thought they looked oh-so-cool. I sat home alone and cried alot, because the only people I had to rely on had turned me into this living joke. Its one thing to say to someone "Uh duh, go and make new friends" well, when you kick someone down so much, thats hard to do.

So I took the sucker way out and ran away, and im thankful every day that I did. I now have the most amazing friends. I was talking to Jenni on msn last night, she was one of the ones who 'went along with the ride' and she was going on and on about how much im missing out on, all the parties im missing, all the live bands im missing, all the cute guys im missing. But you know what? I bet none of her friends draw pictures of them, scan them into the computer and make them into polaroids and e-mail them to her because they know that today will be a slow day at work. Parties? We have parties here, sure, we dont have them as huge as they do, but we have a good time. Live bands? We get some live local bands here aswell, well not here, but not far away. Cute guys? I have Jeff.

Ive grown up alot since ive moved here, and I didnt realise it until that lengthy discussion last night. I mentioned that on Saturday I was going to Kathy from work's 50th birthday party. Jenni's reaction, "LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL SERIOUZ DUDE OLDIESSSS HOW BORING poor you" But you know what, its not poor me. So what Kathy is 29 years older than me, she is an awesome person and I enjoy working with and chatting to her. My other friends from work, all of varying ages will be there, aswell as some colourful townsfolk and im pretty sure it will be a fun night. Yes I get that youre going to 'The Croft' and 'getting hammered' and you may find that more fun, but rest assured, im not jealous of you.

Its like everytime I speak to an old friend I come to realise even more how lucky I am to have Jeff, Jelena, Toby, Melissa, Alex, Roxy and Sarah. Thats our little core group, the 8 of us all came together and we ahve something special that ive never had before, people I can rely on, any problem I have, there is someone there I can go to,

Jeff I love immensely, and if I dont marry him, I dont imgaine i'll ever get married, it just wouldnt work with anyone else.

Jelena is my number one girl, one week of being here and feeling like I made a huge mistake I walked into a hairdressing salon, because my hair was getting long and ratty, and I like it short, and pretty much just vented like mad to the (then) apprentice hairdresser. I didnt know that she would turn out to be my best friend, but she did.

Toby is my partner in crime. Whenever I have the sillies, Toby is there to do something ridiculously stupid with me.

Melissa is the one who grounds me. Whenever im getting worked up about something she's there to go "Okay Kailey, lets look at this rationally" and constantly proves to me that my problem is not as big as im turning it into.

Alex is the big strong guy who always steps in when something needs to be handled. He's level headed, just like Melissa, thats probably why they love each other so much. But he has the braun, not just the brains to come in and really sort things out.

Roxy is my love guru. I cant go to Melissa with my love problems, because im dating her twin brother, and that would be uncomfortable, Roxy always has her head in the clouds in romance land and is surprisingly knowledgeable on the subject.

Sarah is the organiser. She makes stuff happen.

And me? Who am I to these people? Well, im the provider of food, I definetly know that. I guess I mean different things to different people, just as they mean different things to each of us.
Im just so lucky to have them.

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  1. hey Kailey! I saw an old post of yours on the frankie forum and thought 'where is Kailey these days?'... you should come back and post more!!