Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Beginnings are always exciting.

Time: 10:50pm
Mood: A little tired
Music: Afraid Of Loving You - Devics

Well, first blog post. Ive been meaning to start a blog, but I usually put off these things and then regret not doing them later on, so im pretty proud of myself for actually making one, however sad that sounds.

On the rare occasion that I start something that ive been meaning to, its usually because something happened that made me think "Well, if I had..." and needless to say, this is no exception.

Today is my good friend Sarah's 22nd birthday. Were planning a bit of a surprise party for friday night, however today our small little group went out for Indian to celebrate. Well, at least thats what we intended, the people who owned the place wouldnt let her in! "No silly dress girl, go, go". Okay, yes, Sarah is an eccentric dresser, she has that old school punk look down, but still, it was funny that they wouldnt let her into a resturaunt, even if the spikes in her hair was higher than the door to get in. To describe the her hair, think of Tuesday from That 80's Show.

Although if you call her 'Tuesday" she sulks and wont talk to you. Which prompted Alex to turn around and say "Good one Tuesday, im hungry" then he ran down the street for God knows what reason and we found him hiding in an alleyway "Incase Tuesday over there kicks my arse"

In the end we ended up getting fish and chips and ate it in the park, and it was probably more fun than we would have had in the resturaunt anyway.

So there is my night of not getting the Indian food I spent all day looking foreward to.

Till next time, Kailey.

Time: 11:03pm
Mood: My foot has pins and needles, thats not a mood is it?
Music: The End And The Beginning - Devics

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